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Tea Tree Leaves
Tea Tree Leaves

I have read and heard many great things about using tea tree essential oil. I have heard that it is a great antiseptic and can help cleanse the skin and clear it up. I have read about a variety of uses for this oil including acne, hair care and body care too. I wanted to get some to use so I asked a friend of mine that sells essential oils what it would cost to buy it. The price she gave me seemed a little high, and I wanted to see if there was anywhere else I could buy it. She said that other oils weren’t as great as the oils that she had and that hers were certified. I told her I would let her know if I wanted to order any. I was going to research this more to find out.

I started looking online for information about tea tree oil and the company that she works for. I wanted to see if there was any difference in cheaper oils compared to the pricey ones she sells. I wanted to get an honest opinion so I started looking for reviews on other oils for sale. That’s when I came across the website. They had a few essential oils for sale, including tea tree essential oil. The price was half of what my friend was selling and the oil had almost a 5 star rating. I started reading over the reviews for the oil and found lots of great things that people said about it. I read that it was 100% pure and just the same as the pricey stuff.

I decided that I wanted to buy this tea tree oil to try out after reading all the reviews about it. I even read that some people use it to clean with. I saw that they had a free shipping offer on their website, but I had to get to a certain amount. After shopping around for a little bit, I found a few other oils I wanted to get as well. I placed my order and within a few days I got it in the mail.

I was pretty happy with the shipping and the size of the bottles I ordered. I immediately started using the tea tree oil in a new cleaning mix I wanted to make, I put a little in my shampoo and I also used it on my face. It seemed to be pretty strong and potent.

My friend asked me if I ever got the tea tree oil because she wanted to show me how they were different that the oils she had and not as pure. She was even impressed with the quality of these oils and said they were comparable to the ones she was selling. She said she may start using these oils because they are so much cheaper than the ones she has and they are good too.