Tinnitus Treatment Solutions That May Provide Relief

Tinnitus is a health condition that causes ringing, buzzing, popping or hissing noises in the ear. In most cases, these noises can only be heard by the person suffering from the condition. Symptoms often worsen during times when there is not a lot of background noise. In a quiet setting, the hissing and buzzing are even more apparent.

For patients who have this condition, the noise can become extremely irritating. It is hard to concentrate when your ears are ringing. Even though the condition usually can’t be cured, there are some tinnitus treatment solutions out there that can provide relief.

Typically, when you first visit a doctor and describe your symptoms, they will try to find the underlying cause of your tinnitus. There are quite a few different things that can cause this condition to occur ranging from earwax buildup to problems such as TMJ, prolonged exposure to loud noises, or high blood pressure.

Sometimes, eliminating the problem that is causing the tinnitus will result in a complete cessation of the symptoms. Other times, additional treatment methods are required.

For many patients, the most effective treatment solution is to use a masking device to help block out the sound. These devices are similar to hearing aids in that they fit inside your ear. However, instead of amplifying surrounding sounds, they play soothing sounds that help counteract the ringing in your ears. These sounds are usually a lot more pleasant and are easier to listen to, helping to make the problem less annoying.

Sometimes, tinnitus and hearing loss occur together. In these cases, it may be beneficial to get a hearing aid. The addition of a hearing aid will often help reduce the symptoms of tinnitus when hearing loss is involved.

There also are some solutions available that rely on medication. For instance, many patients experience a lessening of symptoms when they take anti-anxiety medication. There are also a lot of other medications that are currently being studied to see if they can help in the treatment of this frustrating condition.

Another non-drug approach to treating tinnitus involves training the brain to block out the unwanted sound. Soft background sounds are easily blocked out by the brain. You probably have already experienced this effect at one point or another in your life. For instance, have you ever been sitting in a room with a fan blowing in the background? After a while, you probably don’t even notice the sound of the fan anymore.

The idea behind training the brain to ignore the sounds of tinnitus is similar. Through a combination of counseling sessions and therapy devices, patients can learn to overlook the sound of the ringing in their ears, helping to make it far less annoying.

If you have tinnitus, it is well worth scheduling an appointment with a qualified hearing specialist. By visiting a doctor like the Atlanta Hearing Doctor (, you can get expert advice on how to treat or eliminate your tinnitus. There are a lot of different tinnitus treatment solutions out there that you can try so that you can finally get relief.