Various Sciatic Nerve Pain Treatment Options

The Sciatic Nerve

Sciatic nerve pain can be some of the most extreme pain that you ever have to deal with in your life. This is due to the fact that it can travel great lengths through your body. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to get relief from the pain and even prevent it from coming back, simply by making a few changes to your lifestyle.

The biggest thing that you can do to prevent the issue from occurring is to maintain a health weight. Being overweight puts a great deal of stress on all of the muscles in your body, particularly those in your back and surrounding your hips. When these muscles endure this high level of stress they are prone to swell, which then puts pressure on the nerve and causes the pain that you feel. Having a healthy body weight is ideal when it comes to every function of your body so really it is best to do it for your overall health.

Exercising on a regular basis can also help to put a stop to sciatic nerve pain. When your muscles are in good shape they are less likely to become injured and swollen. One very low impact way to exercise is to swim if it is an option for you. Yoga can also be extremely helpful as it builds strength and encourages the stretching of your muscles. This is important because keeping your muscles limber ensures that there is proper blood flow and again, reduces the chance that they will become a bother.

If you work a job that requires you to sit for long periods it could be the cause of your nerve pain. While you clearly probably can’t just quit your job, you can do some things to reduce the consequences of it. It is recommended that you get up from your desk for a few minutes at least once an hour. This can simply be a walk to the restroom and back, but not sitting for hours straight will help a great deal. Sitting for too long reduces circulation through your entire body and encourages edema, which is swelling. Do what you can each day to get up and move around whenever possible.

Finally, if you find that you still have pain after making these life changes you will want to seek the assistance of a professional which you can find from This could be an acupuncturist, chiropractor or your family doctor. They will be able to lead you in the right direction so that you are no longer living in pain. In some cases it may be that there is something that requires surgery in order for the pressure to be relieved from your nerve. This is less common, but always a possibility.

It is ideal to find natural solutions to sciatic nerve pain. Of course you could take medications to mask the pain, but taking action in your life will serve you much better. Use this information so that you can live a life with as little pain as possible.