Protect Your Home With Urban Wildlife Removal

Pigeons On A Building

Whether you live in an urban area or in the suburbs, you have to deal with wildlife. Raccoons, squirrels, and skunks can start to move into your home and make life miserable for you and your family. They can also put your pets in danger. Raccoons are prone to rabies and an encounter with a skunk can be smelly. If animals are trying to make a home on your property, you need to evict them fast with urban wildlife removal services.

Raccoons have adorable little faces, but they can be dangerous and destructive. They have sharp claws that they will use to dig around your property. Raccoons often prefer making their home beneath your porch or deck. They will breed and raise their babies there. If you try to block them from getting in or out they will dig and destroy the porch until they get back in.

Raccoons are prone to getting rabies and they also have a parasite in their feces which can make you or your family members sick. Raccoons will attack when they feel threatened and their long and sharp claws can do a lot of damage to your family or pets. Raccoons are known to kill cats and they will knock over your garbage cans and dig up your garden trying to get food.

Sometimes raccoons will actually try to move into the house and set up shop in your basement or attic. They can do serious damage if they get into your house and rip up electrical wiring which could cause a fire. Their urine and feces will contaminate your home and make it smell.

Skunks are also cute to look at, but they too will destroy your home. Skunks also prefer to live under your porch or deck and they spray to mark territory, so your yard is always going to have an odor of skunk. If your dog confronts the skunk, it is going to get sprayed and the skunk might kill your cat.

Skunks have long claws for digging and they will dig under your porch and damage it. They will breed and you will be up at night listening to the skunks and their babies climbing up your trees and trying to get into the trash. Some skunks will claw through your roof to get into the attic and you will end up with your home smelling like skunk.

Squirrels won’t destroy your porch, but they will destroy your roof and make holes under the eaves so they can nest in your roof or attic. They can chew up your wiring and they leave large amounts of feces and urine. You will hear them chewing into the walls.

If you have animals trying to move in, you need to call an urban wildlife removal company right away. Some are mentioned on the Subi Cevac Home Review. They will safely and humanely trap and remove the animals. They will also seal up your home so you don’t have to worry about new animal tenants trying to move in.