Stop The Damage With Squirrel Removal

Squirrel On Fence

Squirrels are super cute and their little furry faces are hard to resist. They look adorable scampering across your yard and up your trees until you see them carrying your newly planted flowers away or look at your trees and see that half the bark has been stripped away. If your squirrel problem is getting out of control then you need to call a professional squirrel removal company to get rid of the squirrels for you.

There are some things you can do yourself to help protect your home from the squirrels. If you don’t want them to dig up your plants or vegetables, you can put a wire mesh cage over the plants. Unfortunately, this doesn’t look so great. If the squirrels are tearing up your trees, you can wrap sheet metal around the trunk of the trees. Make sure the sheet metal is at least six feet tall. This will keep the squirrels from climbing the trees as well as jumping onto the tree and climbing down from the trees next door.

You also want to trim any branches on trees that are touching the house or near the house because the squirrels will use the trees to climb up onto your roof where they can chew through the eaves of your roof and move into your home where they can cause lots damage. They can chew through wiring and they can also tear up your insulation.

Squirrels also love to cause damage in your garden and lawn. If you plant flower bulbs, the squirrels will try to dig them up. If you have a squirrel problem, you should stick with daffodil bulbs since squirrels don’t like them. If you want to plant other bulbs, you should soak them in squirrel repellent for bulbs before you plant them. You might also want put down chicken wire on the beds.

Another thing squirrels like to do is dig in your lawn. They like to bury their food and will do it in your lovely lawn. Another thing you might notice is that the squirrels are chewing on your wood deck or furniture. They need to gnaw to keep their teeth worn down and will gladly do this on your deck.

If you love birds and feed them, the squirrels are always going to be hanging around your squirrel feeder. They will also try to knock the feeder down and climb on it to try to open the feeder. You will need to invest in a squirrel proof bird feeder to get rid of the squirrels.

Sometimes the squirrels get so out of control that the only recourse you have is to call a squirrel removal company to get rid of them. The removal service can humanely trap and remove the squirrels without killing them. The company will also seal up the holes in your roof to make sure that the squirrels can’t come back in. This is important because you don’t want the squirrels coming back.