Two Top Italian Restaurants Coral Gables

Cibo Wine Bar in Coral Gables
Cibo Wine Bar in Coral Gables

The founders of Coral Gables are said to have imagined not only a “City Beautiful”, but also a “Garden City”. They pictured green and lush avenues that quaintly winded through a highly residential city, one that contained civic landmarks and was full of playful details and amazing architectural features. That is exactly what Coral Gables, which is known as The City Beautiful has become. It is a planned community which blends details, color as well as Mediterranean Revival architectural features just perfectly.

This beautifully dynamic city offers quite a wide variety of dining experiences and cuisines, included in these is of course some classic Italian options. So if you are looking for Italian restaurants Coral Gables look no further, here are a couple of popular options for you to check out:

1. Cibo Wine Bar

At Cibo Wine Bar you are in for an authentic Italian meal mixed in with a dynamic nightlife, this is currently the hottest spot on the Miracle Mile. Created by the Liberty Entertainment Group, this Italian restaurant and wine bar serves up their traditional Italian cuisine in an atmosphere which is relaxed and inviting. The food is to die to and their attention to details is impeccable.

Chef Massimo Giannattasio offers a menu which reflects his passion for the cooking. You can start off with a delicious Insalata, or maybe an antipasto, for main perhaps a pizza, pasta or risotto the options are almost limitless. Stop by on Mondays from four PM to twelve AM and enjoy pizza + peroni for only ten dollars a person, you can enjoy a twenty five dollar lobster every Tuesday and on Social Thursday from four PM to seven PM, drinks are half the price. May sure you try out Sundays bubble + brunch for only thirty five dollars a person. A must visit location!

2. Spritz

Named after the well known Veneto Region aperitif, Spritz is a delicious bubbly mix of Prosecco, which is an Italian sparkling wine, a splash of soda water and an Italian specialty aperitif which is called Aperol, it is similar to Campari. It is a drink which is very successful due to its low alcohol content, it is said that you can not only have one spritz, one only leads to another.

This rustic location which many a chic follower gathers is known to be hip, engaging and yet sophisticated. The windows are floor to ceiling and over sized photos of Italian culture are featured under lanterns. The Northern Italian menu consists of salads, pizzas, breads, Panini and homemade dessert, the unique design and delicious food go hand in hand together.

So whether you have the pleasure of residing in Coral Gables and are looking for a new Italian dining experience or perhaps you are visiting for business or pleasure and want to try something new experience at an Italian restaurants Coral Gables than these two spots will definitely be worth a try. Make sure you call ahead of time and make sure that they are not overbooked, this way you are not unnecessarily disappointed.