Benefits Of Compressed Rawhide Bones

Braided Rawhide

Dogs derive a myriad of benefits from a chew bone. When you give your dog or puppy a chew bone, your pet gets a lot of benefits than just chewing on it. Aside from having fun, a dog of any age derives a wide range of benefits from a chew bone. That’s where compressed rawhide bones come in handy. Here are some of the most important benefits of giving your pet compressed rawhide bones.

Wild canines would sink the teeth into their prey and remove the hides with force. This would help them strip the skin and meat of the prey separately. This action has numerous benefits to the long-term health of their teeth. The pressure placed on the gums and teeth of the canine would toughen the gums and clean their teeth on a continuous basis. After dogs have been domesticated by man, the pet no longer uses its teeth to tear through a skin layer of a prey. Unused teeth are prone to various infections, plaque buildup, yellowing, and diseases such as kidney and heart. Such a poor dental health situation can result in bacteria entering the dog’s body. The condition can worsen due to the actions of bacteria and result in gingivitis, periodontal disease, and bleeding gums. The end result can be the loss of teeth. That’s where rawhide bones come in handy.

Rawhide chips, bones, and rolls act like leather chamois. They can wrap around the teeth of your pet and rub off the plaque and calculus. This can guarantee better oral health for your pet in the long run. It will make the teeth whiter, reduce the occurrences of bad breath, and significantly lower the chances of gingivitis, periodontitis, and various other dental issues. On the other hand, a dog or puppy has a natural habit of chewing. You may see them in action on your furniture, shoes or clothing items most of the time. Rawhide bones give them a safe environment to enact this chewing habit without destroying your valuable possessions in the process. The dog or puppy will be able to relieve their boredom for some time thanks to an effective rawhide chew. This is another important benefit of giving your dog or puppy a rawhide chew.

The entertainment that your dog or puppy gets by chewing on rawhide bones keeps their minds stimulated. This is especially true with the older canines who are not that active now. On the other hand, your pet might find your home boring when you are not around it. That’s the best time to give it a rawhide chew to keep on chewing until you return home. Rawhide chews will also help relieve the teething problems of your puppy. Just like humans, puppies also experience the discomfort from new teeth. Rawhide chews are the best solution for this problem.

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